Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jenny Rivera Sex Tape!!!

Jenny Rivera Sex
Jenny Rivera Sex TapeJenni Rivera has a sex tape. The 39-year-old singer filmed herself and another musician with a cell phone camera in the midst of some private acts, but the video was stolen in June. Now, it is reportedly about to be released. Rivera confirmed the tape existed while being interviewed on Univision, the popular Spanish-language TV station.Jenny Rivera Sex video

Banda, Jenni Rivera's musical specialty, is a blend of Mexican music and, oddly enough, German polka music. She is one of the few female singers of banda music and has gained popularity with songs like "Amiga Si Lo Ves" and "De Contrabanda." Although born in Long Beach, California, her parents were Mexican immigrants, and she is mostly famous in the Mexican music industry.Jenny Rivera mp3

Besides the sex tape, Jenni Rivera has courted publicity recently by smashing a microphone in the face of a fan while performing in a North Carolina nightclub in June and was arrested.Jenny RiveraJenny Rivera songs